Gorgeous is one post away~

Gorgeous is one post away~

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mini Haul ^_^

Hey guys! I know it's been FOREEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR AND A DAY since I updated this blog. I'm sowwy D: I've been super duper busy. But guess who has a haul for you guys? :D

I'm really excited because I've started filming and taking pictures on my Grandma's Canon Powershot camera. Which means better pictures! ^___^

Lemme know if you guy want a video haul too? (:

Soooo I got this really pretty color called "Pink Freeze" from the Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine lipstick range. I really like it! The last swatch is it next to Maybelline's Pink Please lipstick. Pink Freeze is on the right. (I love how those two names totally match x3) It was only $5 at WalMart, I would definitely repurchase! (:

I picked up these two gorgeous nail polishes. The first one is from Revlon, and it's called "Silver Dollar". I've been wanting to try out the metallic nail trend, as well as Revlon polishes, so this worked out nicely! I LOOOVE it, and it was only $3! (:
The second nail polish was only $2, and it's called "Cheatin" from Pure Ice. It's really pretty blue and purple glitters suspended in a clear base. Unfortunately, you can't get opacity with this color, but it's gorgeous over a wide variety of shades!

Since I got two Paris Amour body lotions for Christmas, I exchanged one of them for this one. It smells sooo good!

I got the Plum Ornament from MAC's Dazzlespheres Collection. I AM IN LOVE! The colors are so beautiful it's ridiculous. I use the neutral stack in my Holly Ann-AeRee inspired tutorial on my channel, so go check that out! ^____^

Here's just a pic of the Pink Freeze lipstick and the two nail polishes :3

Hope you guys enjoyed this haul, and I hope you had a wonderful holidays! Happy New Year, let's make 2012 fantastic together <3

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