Gorgeous is one post away~

Gorgeous is one post away~

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Beauty- What Should I Do?

Summer makeup. What's the first thing we think about when given this phrase? Melting foundation, smudged eyeliner, and raccoon eyes from mascara. But it doesn't HAVE to be that way. Given a few tips and tricks, you can transform yourself into a summer makeup goddess! Well, minus the crown of course...

  • Tinted moisturizer: It's a must-have. Covers up flaws, evens out skin tone, and withstands the heat.What else could you ask for? My recommendation(s): Laura Mercier Oil-Free, Bobbi Brown
  • BB Cream: THIS is what you could ask for. Not only does it do everything that tinted moisturizers do, but it also helps skin in the long run, with skincare ingredients added into it. The downside? They usual only come in 1 to 3 colors. My recommendation(s): Skin 79, Missha Watery
  • Waterproof mascara: Nuff said. My recommendation(s): Urban Decay Cannonball, Blinc Kiss Me
  • Eyeliner: A good, smudgeproof eyeliner should get you through the day. My recommendation(s): Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds
  • Bronzer: Not only does it give you the protection of powder, but it also gives a healthy glow and shapes the face. My recommendation(s): Bare Minerals Warmth, Rimmel Sunshimmer
  • Lipstain: A lipstain stays on your lips all day and won't fall victim to the heat. My recommendation(s): Hourglass Sheer Aura
Now, not only do you need the right products, but you need the right technique as well. Here's a few tricks:

  • Use blotting paper throughout the day, and keep powder on you, or a mattifying gel.
  • If your eyeliner smudges, take a Q-tip, dip it into makeup remover or moisturizer, and swipe beneath your eyes for an instant fix. You can buy portable Q-tip holders at the drugstore, and sample sized removers/moisturizers at a makeup counter.
  • Less is more in summer. Try cutting down on the products you use, day-by-day, and you'll start to see how much you REALLY need.
  • Use an exfoliating body wash, facial scrub, and lip scrub every other day. It'll give you better tan results, a more glowing appearance, and softer lips (for your summer hook-up!).
  • Sunscreen is NOT optional. I don't care how dark you are, or how little you burn, sunscreen needs to always be used. It's been made easier for you by makeup now, since many moisturizers, foundations, tinted moisturizers, and even eyeshadows and lip balms provide protection.
Keep these tips in mind, and you'll be ready to brave the summer heat. Take care and be safe, ladies!
-Kayla <3

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